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For many people, a double chin is the first thing they check in photos of themselves. If this sounds like you, know you’re not alone. 

Unfortunately having a pronounced double chin can cause a person’s confidence to dim, despite how common they are. I hear this from my clients all the time. 

Double chins show up for a multitude of reasons, including reduced elasticity due to aging, fat, fluid retention, poor posture, food intolerances, and more. 

Just as there are different causes for double chins, there are different ways to define the chin and jaw. One of my favorite ways to do so is Gua Sha. 

Today, I’m sharing a guide to help you use Gua Sha specifically to reduce the appearance of double chins.

How To Use Gua Sha For Double Chin

Gua Sha is a common practice in holistic circles as there are many benefits of Gua Sha massage. It is an ancient Eastern Modality that uses friction via a flat tool to stimulate blood flow, clear lymphatic fluid, reduce muscle tension, and lift and sculpt your face and body.

I first discovered Gua Sha in 2015 when I came across the tool on an acupuncturist website, but it has been around for thousands of years. It is commonly practiced by acupuncturists as well as at home.

Does Gua Sha Work For Double Chin?

Gua Sha techniques can support you in bettering the appearance of a double chin. But, getting rid of a double chin may depend on the reason for your double chin. 

Like with all facial massage and skin care practices, it’s important to understand what could be causing your double chin. Once you know what you’re working with, you can better treat the root cause. Remember that this is a process, and it will take time to discover what works for you. 

Still, Gua Sha can promote better blood flow and drainage of lymphatic fluids. This can make a noticeable difference in the appearance of a double chin, especially when caused by fluid retention. 

You may see even results immediately, and with regular practice, your results will multiply. You can also support this facial massage with these techniques to get better results.

How To Properly Use A Gua Sha For Double Chin

Step One: Before You Begin

It’s always important to gently cleanse your face and hands before you begin any form of facial massage.

Step Two: Choose The Right Tool

Your Gua Sha tool should be made of a cooling material and have a variety of edges for you to work with. I like this De La Heart White Jade Stone because of its versatility—it offers many ridges as well as smooth sides to support lymphatic drainage.

You can find more of my favorite minimalist beauty products and tool recommendations in my shop!

Step Three: Apply Facial Oil.

Practicing Gua Sha requires an adequate amount of slip. I have the best results when I combine a facial balm like the Laurel Infinite Cellular Repair Night Balm with a facial oil such as the Josh Rosebrook Herbal Infusion Oil

This allows for proper glide of the Gua Sha tool across the skin. I recommend using a generous amount of facial oil so you don’t have to reapply halfway through your massage.

Step Four: Sweep The Neck

Begin by holding the Gua Sha stone at a 45-degree angle about mid-way up your neck. Sweep the Gua Sha stone up toward the jawline using light pressure. Continue with this motion around the sides of your neck. 

This motion stimulates blood circulation to the chin and neck area.

Step Five: Work Your Jawline

Using a smaller, more curved side of the Gua Sha stone, begin at the center of your jawline and sweep outwards towards your ears. 

Our facial muscles can hold a lot of tension, which can cause a puffy appearance. This move is designed to relieve muscle tension trapped in your jawline and around your ears. It also promotes lymphatic drainage, which can help get rid of a double chin.

Gua Sha is a helpful tool for treating double chin!

Like any facial massage, you will begin to see results over time. With patience and the right technique, your jawline will become more defined. And in turn, it’s my hope that your confidence will grow as you incorporate more holistic practices into your skincare routine. 

In addition to treating double chin, Gua Sha is among my favorite tools for eye lift. To learn more about how facial massage can help you, visit my blog and join The Beauty Collective, where I share tips to help you create your ideal minimalist, whole-body approach to skincare.


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