About Minimal Beauty

Healthy and Radiant Skin 

is an Ecosystem.

There is no one size fits all approach to the skin. There are fundamental principles at the root of healthy skin combined with a layered and tailored approach for every complexion, as skin nuances are deeply unique for each of us.  

Minimal Beauty Studio is rooted in integrative approaches and holistic facial treatments for bright and vibrant skin. We take a pure and bespoke approach to healing and maintaining healthy complexions.


Holistic Facialist &
Buccal Face Massage Trainer

After settling in Miami in 2015 and establishing her skincare practice Minimal Beauty, Jen’s approach to facials rooted in face massage combined with results driven products and wellness practices started to take form. 

Jen was introduced to Inner Mouth Buccal Face Massage in 2015 through a fellow massage therapist, immediately evolving her approach face massage. She realized how blending Inner Mouth Buccal Massage with holistic skincare treatments would be deeply supportive to facial clients, as treatment benefits include a relaxed, brightened and contoured appearance through releasing tension from areas of the face inaccessible by external massage only. 

As her clientele grew, Jen also recognized patterns of women struggling between product, diet and stress exacerbated skin issues. It was clear that nuances of the skin differ for each client and the overwhelming amount of influence, information and products at our fingertips was creating more confusion than clarity for clients.

Excessive routines were not needed but a bespoke process rooted in microbiome integrity, product simplicity and supportive face massage modalities to nourish the skin were exactly what each client needed. 

After treating 100’s of complexions as an esthetician, Jen continues to refine and translate results-driven methods cued from science and nature to care for her clients skin and provide education for estheticians and massage therapists through her trainings for professionals.  

Florida College of Natural Health AA in Massage Therapy and Skincare; Sarasota, FL.
Everglades University BA in Alternative Medicine; Sarasota, FL.
Aveda Institute Chicago750 hr Esthetics Program; Chicago, IL.
State of Florida licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist 

Neuromuscular Massage for Head, Neck and Jaw. Judith Delany
Gua Sha & Thai Poultice Facial Fusion. Cecily Braden
Lymphatic Drainage Head & Neck Level 1. Anne Bramham
Lifting & Sculptural Face Massage. Yakov Gershkovich

Continuing Education


We Believe
Simplicity is the
ultimate sophistication.
There is beauty

in simplicity. 


Holistic Skin Guide 

A cool, calm, collected approach to glowing skin, no complicated routines required.

Get back to the basics and download your Holistic Skin Guide for the foundational practices on healthy, bright, and radiant skin from the inside out.

Get healthy and bright skin without complicated product routines, diet obsession, synthetic solutions or information overload.

Holistic Skincare Course