About Minimal Beauty

Healthy and Radiant Skin 

is an Ecosystem.

There is no one size fits all approach to the skin. There are fundamental principles at the root of vibrant and healthy skin to fuse with a layered and bespoke approach, as skin nuances are deeply unique for each of us.  
Through this bespoke mind-body-skin approach, you’ll learn clean, clear processes rooted in clarity for your skin and wellbeing. 

Minimal beauty is the place to learn about your skin and just as essential, how to embody this deeply nourishing approach to care for your skin no matter your season or cycle of life.


I’m Jen Stoeckert—Holistic Esthetician, Skincare Specialist & Trainer/Educator

And I'm committed to teaching the essentials of lifelong healthy skin through a refined approach that expands far beyond just the products we use. 

I was curating my diet and peculiarly observing faces by age 12. 

My first real job was at an authentic health food store far before wellness trends existed. But it wasn’t until I went to massage therapy school over 15 years ago and decided on a whim to enroll for a dual program that included aesthetics where my love for holistic skincare was born. 

While further continuing my studies through a degree in holistic medicine, I was introduced to Ayurveda — a system of medicine rooted in preventive lifestyle practices that synergistically nourishes the mind and body while connecting us to the seasons, cycles and energy of life. 

After settling in Miami in 2015 and establishing my skincare practice, Minimal Beauty, my unique approach to facials rooted in face massage blended with product knowledge and wellness practices shared with clients started to take form.

As my clientele grew, I deeply recognized the patterns of women struggling between product-triggered, diet related and stress exacerbated skin issues.

It became crystal clear to me that the nuances of the skin that differ for each of us combined with the overwhelming amount of influence and information at our fingertips was creating more confusion than clarity.

I discovered more products weren’t needed but a potent, bespoke process rooted in simplicity for each complexion was. 

My Journey as a holistic esthetician and Esthetics trainer

I've alchemized my innate gifts, education, and years of working with the skin into a passion that lies in teaching a timeless approach to face massage, skincare and wellness practices, refined lifestyle shifts, and a revolutionary perspective that will serve you and your skin now and forever. 

We Believe
Simplicity is the
ultimate sophistication.
There is beauty

in simplicity. 


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2 Part Holistic Skin Guide 

A cool, calm, collected approach to glowing skin, no complicated routines required.
Get back to the basics and download your 2-part Holistic Skin Guide for the foundational practices on brighter, healthier, and more radiant skin from the inside out.

Get healthy and bright skin without complicated product routines, diet obsession, synthetic solutions or information overload.

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