Transform Your Skin from the inside out

In this intensive program created and taught by Jen Stoeckert, you’ll discover what it truly means to care for your skin. By cultivating vitality infused mind-body-skin practices, nourishing rituals, and timeless Ayurvedic principles, you’ll feel empowered to step into your most authentic, radiant self. 

Are you ready to deepen the connection to your selfcare?

COMING Summer 2022

We’re living in a world that’s obsessed with appearances and quick-fix solutions to our insecurities. Our shelves are lined with luxurious bottles and we’ve completely lost touch with what matters most. Beauty can’t be found in a shiny pot or a supplement jar – it comes from within. 

What if there was a better way to make us look and feel incredible?

Say goodbye to your skin worries and hello to an elevated you.

Change Your Life, Not Just Your Skincare Routine. 






Embody Your Inner and Outer Beauty Like Never Before.
Imagine if you could...

Want to know what you can expect?

Confidently embrace your skin make-up free. 

Stop spending money on products that don’t serve you.

Clear up chronic and common skin conditions by discovering the physical and emotional components of skin.

Embody mindful practices to manage stress and support your complexion from the inside out.

Feel confident with your skincare products and rituals, knowing they have been tailored just for you.

Coming summer 2022
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This program is designed to transform the way you view and perform self-care. You’ll have the chance to learn exactly what it means to nourish and love the skin you’re in, cultivating your radiance from the inside out. Heal your skincare concerns, discover professional industry secrets and embark on a holistic journey for better skin. 

Radiant Beauty Collective


The Radiant Beauty Collective Provides:

Intuitive Skincare Knowledge 

Knowledge is power, and when it comes to skin, there’s a lot to learn. You’ll discover the tools, techniques and the understanding you need for complete confidence. 

A Holistic, Natural Approach

Cultivate radiant skin by expanding into holistic and Ayurvedic beauty and lifestyle practices for deeper and more meaningful self-care.

Timeless Not Trends 

This isn't just about the latest trends or products. These are lifelong and timeless practices you will benefit from today, next month and years down the road. 


Advanced Skincare Tutorials for Brighter Skin


Mind and Body Practices for Deeper Growth


Health-Driven Diet and Nourishment Guidance 


Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practices for Long-Term Change

Coming Summer 2022
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Simplify Self

Together we will create space and intention to up-level your selfcare and unpack the meaning of selfcare. Shed the practices, products, mindset and habits that are no longer serving you, your skin and do not serve your highest self. If you think skin picking isn't emotionally/mindset driven, think again.

This work creates the space needed to ground into both your self-care and self-development to activate your innate radiance. Let's simplify your life in order to amplify your radiance. 

What we will do together:

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Amplify Ayurveda

Curating your lifestyle in alignment with your unique Ayurvedic make-up has a huge effect on the mind, body and spirit. Everything we consume and digest either nourishes or depletes us. We can see the results of this in our complexions, reflecting our inner self to the outside world.

Amplify Ayurveda is all about extracting 
pragmatic and timeless practices and incorporating them into our daily routines, fusing our needs 
with nourishment. As part of Radiant Beauty Collective, you can discover what it truly means to unlock Ayurvedic practices.

Coming Summer 2022!
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The rituals

You’ll learn the ins and outs of currating an effective routine for both face and body including face massage, Gua Sha, holistic skincare solutions and timeless practices that will align with you for a lifetime. 

Once we’ve simplified our routines and established a lifestyle that serves us, it’s time to start looking at the physical rituals that can truly nourish us. This is all part of the somatic aspect of self-care, further supporting our nervous system and vitality to cultivate a strong, radiant complexion and aura.

Every single person on this planet is unique. That’s what makes life so beautiful. Unfortunately, society sometimes forgets the essence of this message. While magazines used to dictate the beauty rules, social media now sets the standards. 

Radiant Beauty Collective is all about letting go of what you’ve been conditioned to believe, encouraging self-love in a way you may have never experienced before. As well as learning practical ways to deeply support your skin and body, you’ll also discover the driving force of the Ayurvedic lifestyle: mind, body and spirit balance. 

It’s Time to Unlearn Outdated Perspectives, Challenge Societal Norms and Be Authentically You.

cultivate a more beautiful you from the inside out.


Who Says Ypu Can't Be Your Own Facialist?

If You’re Tired of Tackling Your Skin-Securities Alone, You’ve Come to the Right Place.

how it

real results

This is where the magic happens! These are LIVE 90 minute calls where you'll submit all of your questions and get coached 1:1. Unlike private calls, you'll learn from the other members in the program, as well as receive high-level 1:1 individual attention for support on anything that is coming up for you. This is where you bring any and all questions about your individual circumstances and where we will unpack all things mind, body and skin so that you are fully equipped in confidently and continously moving through the work. You will have an opportunity to ask questions that will be answered on the call whether you are there live or catching the replay. 

You'll have access to a private community within Radiant Beauty Collective for the 20 weeks of your enrollment where you can ask questions, connect with others and recieve feedback so you always feel supported. This is a place to get support throughout the program, as well as a place to build community with other others on a similar journey. This is our main hub for communication, as well as an amazing place to connect as you transform your skin, your practices and deepen your connection to yourself. 

Over +25 private tutorials and resources that dive deep into the what, why and how of all things holistic beauty and radiance. From curating your daily skincare routine, diving into rituals such as face and body massage, lymph movement and gua sha, to Ayurvedic infused practices, transformative mindset work and grounding practices, all in support of creating your unique eco system of radiance. This cirriculum has been designed for all women, all skin types and to deeply support you from the inside out while uncovering your most radiant self. 

Everything and anything in your current skincare and wellness routines will be explored and reviewed, all while you are guided and supported in choosing and curating new routines and rituals according to your own individual needs. Through this  process, you will gain sovereignty and autonomy in taking inspired action around your skincare and wellness that will serve you now and for a lifetime. 

01. Weekly selfcare 
Calls and live tutorials 

02. private community
(Not on FB!)

03. 20 week access to transformative curriculum 


Understand more about the complexities of your skin and why it looks and feels the way it does. 

Gain full sovereignty around your individual mind-body-spirit and skin needs. No more worrying about what will work or not work for you.

Implement timeless Ayurvedic practices into your lifestyle with ease for daily nourishment. 

Eat and drink things that nourish, nurture and complement your skin instead of aggravating it. 

Embody the use of holistic techniques, tools and ingredients to continue your radiant skin journey.

Feel expansive and inspired to live a life that serves you, using empowerment for authentic self-care.

After joining Radiant Beauty Collective, You Will...

I'm Ready to Glow
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Living with skin frustrations doesn't have to be the norm! All skin is beautiful, but if something’s restricting your confidence and your ability to enjoy and relax into your selfcare, it’s time for it to go. No more frustration, no more products that don't work or confusing advice, just timeless methods and techniques that work.

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Study at your own pace

Get Access to an Expert

Meet Like-Minded Women

Step Up Your Beauty Routine

"She's taken the guesswork
out of that part of my life."

" Jennifer, Minimal Beauty, is an expert. I used to buy products from a facial salon that pushes products they carry without tailoring it to the client because they aren’t skin care experts. Other times I would buy from the pharmacy without a clue. Jennifer studied my skin and recommended products from the different lines she carries that would be best for me. My skin looks great! LOVE the products (which you cannot buy in a store). I am grateful to have a skin care regimen designed for specifically for me. It really does make a difference. An appointment with Jennifer is like the difference between visiting a PhD of health, wellness and skin care vs taking the advice of a recent beauty school graduate. I’m appreciative of her care and talent. She’s taken the guesswork out of that part of my life."

be bold!

Valerie leveled up her routine...

"She then drastically minimalized my skin care routine, with big results!!

" I decided to work with Jen’s after being frustrated with my lengthy rabbit hole style of skin care routine. She professionally and thoroughly addressed to my skin conditions. She then drastically minimalized my skin care routine, with big results!! Her knowledge of Ayurveda and Eastern Medicine modalities made a huge impact and gave birth to an amazing new life changing lifestyle. This was a much needed change and I’m forever grateful for her! "

Sonya Simplified... 

"Jennifer is absolutely phenomenal; not just as a traditional facialist, but also as an educator."

" Jennifer is absolutely phenomenal; not just as a traditional facialist, but also as an educator. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and is able to simplify skin and skin care so that the average person can incorporate a regimen and stick to it. I went to Jennifer not knowing what to expect and came out with the right tools and easy to follow advice. She doesn’t push products- rather she will make your life easier and recommend the RIGHT products for you. For me, seeing Jennifer is such a treat as I’m typically able to fall asleep! She should have a certificate in the art of relaxation:) "

Renee says...


I know it can be challenging to find an appreciation for your natural uniqueness – I’ve been there too. As the founder of Minimal Beauty, I’m inspired by the power of holistic remedies that nourish skin from the inside out. My zone of genius is in assisting women in getting grounded into their skincare and selfcare rituals, making time for themsleves to deeply connect with their skin, innate radiance and overall break free from the societal conditioning around beauty. 

Over the last decade, I’ve explored, cultivated and discovered the benefits of holistic skincare. Through a pure and uncomplicated beauty philosophy, I’ve helped thousands of people to feel better and brighter in their skin. Our bodies are more intelligent than we think and I’m here to help you reconnect with yours for a more radiant life. Now I’ve created Radiant Beauty Collective to share with you how to embrace limitless radiance from the inside out through mind, body and spirit. 

There’s nothing more exciting than embarking on a new learning journey, especially when it’s as life-changing as this one. Prepare to refresh, rediscover and unlock your inner beauty.


Join me and let’s start the journey together!

If You’re Tired of Tackling Your Skin-Securities Alone, You’ve Come to the Right Place.

Coming Summer 2022!
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