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Buccal Face Massage

Minimal Beauty facial treatments are rooted in an integrative approach to the skin. Treatments support and strengthen skin through revitalizing methods to the face muscles, facial posture, lymphatic support, skin microbiome integrity and each client's individual needs.

Bespoke techniques are used in combination with nutrient dense and botanical based products, restoring skin's natural intelligence and healing abilities while diminishing unwanted concerns and increasing skin vitality. 

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Skin Vitality Lift & Sculpt
Inner Mouth Buccal Facial

A restorative and revitalizing facial treatment focused on tension melting techniques to support the TMJ area and release stress patterns throughout the face that lead to aging concerns, sagging skin, and lackluster complexions. 2 part massage focuses on the external and intra-oral muscles throughout all areas of the face, jaw, cheeks and lips in combination with nourishing plant based ingredients to invigorate and tonify the skin. Gua Sha may be included according to complexion needs. 

90 min $290

Skin Vitality
Signature Facial

A revitalizing bespoke facial treatment to support the skin through modalities of invigorating facial massage, gua sha and lymphatic drainage, clearing stagnation while delivering tonicity and nourishment to the skin. Exfoliants, plant based nutrient ingredients and masks are combined together throughout session to restore and influence skins own healing response. 

75 min $230