The Beauty Collective — Ayurvedic Online Skincare Course

Get healthy and bright skin without complicated product routines, diet obsession, synthetic solutions or information overload. 

You practice the tutorials and purchase the products others swear by.

You believe in nourishing skin from the inside out, aging gracefully and you desire for your skin care practices to create real results while reflecting the conscious lifestyle you live. 

But instead, you find yourself perplexed with information overload and unable to find clarity when it comes to what your skin needs to thrive. Which means when it comes to what actually works for your skin, you can't seem to crack the code. 

Simply put, you find yourself confused between advice on skincare, endless products and where to dedicate your time for skincare and wellness without overwhelm. 

You're ready for a guided, uncomplicated process so you can slip into a more attuned connection to your skin and wellbeing. 

This is you right now


Exhausted wasting time and money on products that were marketed as “clean” but failed to deliver lasting results.


Jaded by information overload and tired of tiptoeing around ingredients, products, food choices and random recommendations to try to uncover what’s triggering your skin.


Frustrated by expensive prescriptions and dermatologists. Holistic, allopathic, you name it and you’ve tried it yet nothing has been able to address skin flare-ups from your chronic skin issues (acne, eczema, dermatitis, etc.) and provide lasting, sustainable results. 


Tired of synthetic solutions claiming to be the only solution to a bright, restful and youthful complexion. You are seeking alternatives to botox and injectables or you tried them and decided they are not for you. 

Done piecing together information from the abyss of endless choices, promises and opinions online for your skin and receiving little to no results by people who claim to be experts. You desire timeless guidance and a results driven process to care for your skin now and forever from someone you can trust.. 

"Jen drastically minimalized my skin care routine, with big results!!"

I decided to work with Jen’s after being frustrated with my lengthy rabbit hole style of skin care routine. She professionally and thoroughly addressed to my skin conditions. She then drastically minimalized my skin care routine, with big results!! Her knowledge of Ayurveda and Eastern Medicine modalities made a huge impact and gave birth to an amazing new life changing lifestyle. This was a much needed change and I’m forever grateful for her!

— Sonya Simplified

Let me tell you….

The skin is a mysterious and nuanced organ. Discovering what your skin needs to thrive is different for each of us and is not a linear process. 

Combine this with the pushing of products, quick fixes, conflicting information and 24/7 marketing and influence everywhere you look, it’s no wonder many of us experience confusion and overwhelm around our skin even when we do our best to care for it. Not to mention, it’s hard to stay consistent when you aren’t achieving the results you desire. 

The truth is that continuing on the hamster wheel of product overload, trying everything you see on online and overwhelming yourself with a new practice or product every week is the fastest way to continue aggravating your skin while feeling left disappointed and frustrated with the entire process.  

Your ultimate goal is bright, healthy and vibrant skin with a tool box of bespoke practices that are aligned for you and your skin while feeling pleasurable to implement, which actually makes staying consistent a breeze, while creating a noticeably brighter, healthier and healed complexion. 

What you need is a potent approach to radiant beauty and health that’s beyond skin-deep.


The Minimal Beauty Collective

 A sophisticated online Ayurvedic skincare course where you learn an intuitive, clear, and holistic approach to skincare and beauty. You’ll transform your skin’s health through a refined approach to products, results-driven rituals, and an integrative approach to Ayurveda that will serve your skin and wellbeing now and for a lifetime. 

How would it feel to:


Learn clear, concise and in-depth protocols so you can incorporate consistent skincare rituals like facial massage, gua sha, and lymphatic drainage to benefit your skin’s long-term health


Create freedom from hiding behind skin concerns so you can confidently embrace your skin make-up free


Recognize the nuances of your skin and how it communicates so you can clear up common chronic skin conditions for good


Jump off the product hamster wheel, save money, and gain confidence in choosing clean and effective products that work


Seamlessly integrate ayurveda into skincare, diet, and physical & emotional wellness practices based on your constitution & dosha


Curate a well-balanced, conscious diet that nourishes your skin instead of aggravating it. 

Ayurvedic Online Skincare Course

Here’s What You'll Learn: 12 Skin & Wellbeing Infused Modules 

Phase 1: The Foundations of Skin Health

module one

Shed the practices, products, mindsets and habits that are no longer serving you and ground into your self-care to support your nervous system and create space to connect with your skin. 

 The Slow Beauty Approach 

module two

Uplevel Your Daily Routine Pt 1: Baseline Product Routine 

Create your baseline product routine. Learn the what and how's of the foundational products and practices your skin needs daily to thrive daily

module three

Uplevel Your Daily Routine Pt2: Layer & Build 

Learn the proven ingredients and products to correctly layer and build into your baseline practices to yield effective and targeted results for your skin. 

module four

Reading the Face & Face Mapping 

Learn how emotions and organs play a role in our skin and use your complexion as a diagnostic tool in understanding what your complexion and skin is communicating to you. 

module five

Healthy Skin Diet 

A timeless approach to diet and discovering how blood sugar and insulin affects the health of our skin. 

Phase 2: Ayurvedic Lifestyle Essentials

module six

Amplify Ayurveda 

Discovering Ayurveda to curate your skincare, diet and wellness practices by understanding your constitution, dosha and tendencies through an Ayurvedic lens. 

module seven

Pillars of Ayurveda 

Pillars of Ayurveda consists of uncovering the foundations of an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Discover the importance of conserving your energy, aspects of digestion, restoration and building vitality to support a timeless mind, body, spirit approach to healthy skin. 

module eight

Integrate Ayurveda

Integrate Ayurveda consists of pragmatic approaches to cooking and the benefits of integrating routine into your daily lifestyle.

Phase 3: Skin Radiance Rituals

module nine

One-Ingredient Skincare Apothecary 

Ayurvedic Beauty consists of simple practices that are universal for all skin types that you can create right from your kitchen. Learn simple, one ingredient tutorials to build your at home Ayurvedic influenced skincare apothecary.

module ten

 Movement-Focused Skin Practices 

Movement focused in-depth self practice tutorials for all at home skincare rituals including facial cupping, lymphatic drainage and self practice inner mouth massage for healthy and balanced skin. 

module eleven

Self-Face Massage Protocol 

A results driven in depth full face massage protocol broken down into the 5 segments of face and neck. Techniques to soften, lift, and sculpt the face while targeting common concern areas including the neck, laugh lines, crows feet and forehead concerns. 

module twelve

Fundamentals of Gua Sha 

Address facial tension, unwind tissue adhesions, clear blockages and flush stagnant waste that hides in joints and tissue tension by learning the fundamentals of gua sha. 

How it Works

it Works


Lifetime access to 12 self-paced holistic skincare training modules with over 45+ digestible tutorials and video education all in support of creating your unique ecosystem of healthy skin.

Guides and Resource lists to support you through the curriculum.

Product Curations & Critiques

Revise your current skincare & wellness routines to create fresh practices and rituals you feel fully aligned with.  

Through this process, you will gain discernment In choosing products that are fully aligned for your skin needs to support curating skin and wellness rituals that will serve you now and for a lifetime. 

LIVE Check-in community Calls & Workshops

6 month access to a Monthly LIVE group call together that is designed to keep you accountable and consistent in your skin and wellbeing practices. You’ll submit questions and receive 1:1 interactive support in our group setting. Calls are recorded and saved in a playlist for future reference. If you can’t make the call LIVE, you can submit your questions to be answered on the call and receive support in the replay.


"Jen took the guesswork out of that part of my life."

Jennifer, Minimal Beauty, is an expert. I used to buy products from a facial salon that pushes products they carry without tailoring it to the client because they aren’t skin care experts. Other times I would buy from the pharmacy without a clue. Jennifer studied my skin and recommended products from the different lines she carries that would be best for me. My skin looks great! LOVE the products (which you cannot buy in a store). I am grateful to have a skin care regimen designed for specifically for me. It really does make a difference. Working with Jennifer is like the difference between visiting a PhD of health, wellness and skin care vs taking the advice of a recent beauty school graduate. I’m appreciative of her care and talent. She’s taken the guesswork out of that part of my life.

Still not sure?

I have trouble making time for myself, let alone for an Ayurvedic online course. What if I fall behind?

Skin care is certainly an investment of both time and energy. Don’t worry about falling behind -- each holistic skincare training video is distilled down to bite-sized essentials and specific action steps so you can spend your time taking aligned action instead of reviewing tons of content.
The Beauty Collective comes with lifetime access to course material so you can take a break from the material if you’ll be out of town, on vacation, or just get swamped for a few days. You’ll have this resource for life. It will always be there when you’re ready. 

Your skincare course isn’t in my budget right now. 

Where you invest your money is important. The Beauty Collective is not a band-aid or quick fix for healthy and vibrant skin. Rooting into the fundamentals of skin health combined with the nuances of your unique skin type will save you years of money, time and energy spent on workarounds that often miss the mark and drop you back off at square one. 

I abide by a [YOUR SPECIFIC DIET]. How do I know this will work for me? 

We address diet through an Ayurvedic lens. Depending on your elemental constitution, certain dietary habits can either heal or exacerbate issues in the skin, which you’ll learn to integrate along with any supportive current dietary practices you follow. 

I have [YOUR SPECIFIC SKIN TYPE]. How do I know this will work for me?  

No matter where you currently are within your skincare journey, this curriculum has been designed for all women, all skin types and to deeply support and nourish your skin from the inside out. Minimal Beauty Collective fuses fundamental skin principles with a layered, bespoke approach to supporting and nourishing your skin depending on your unique Ayurvedic dosha, skin type, climate, environment, stress levels, season and cycle of life. Therefore, no matter your skin type or condition, glowing, healthy and lifelong vibrant skin becomes inevitable for anyone who follows the work.

How would it feel to:

Embody a simplified skincare routine so you can achieve greater results with less products cluttering your bathroom shelf

Create consistency in your routine and practices so you can experience real results and change throughout your skin 

Reclaim sovereignty around what authentic beauty and wellness means to you, not what society has led you to believe


"Jennifer is absolutely phenomenal; not just as a traditional facialist, but also as an educator."

Jennifer is absolutely phenomenal; not just as a traditional facialist, but also as an educator. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and is able to simplify skin and skin care so that the average person can incorporate a regimen and stick to it. I worked with Jennifer not knowing what to expect and came out with the right tools and easy to follow advice. She doesn’t push products- rather she will make your life easier and recommend the RIGHT products for you. 

— Renee

Hi, I’m Jen—Holistic Facialist turned Integrative Skin Educator  

I’ve been a holistic facialist and skin practitioner for over 10 years, built a clientele of over 350 clients in my previous skincare practice and I’ve trained other estheticians and massage therapists in my unique approach to face massage and skin.

What I believe in is simple…

In the quiet minimalism of skincare basics and the wisdom of eastern medicine practices, there’s space to form a symbiotic relationship with your diet, habits, routines, and products. This holistic approach to skincare doesn’t only rejuvenate the skin, it renews your wellbeing as a whole. When you embody the fundamentals of vibrant skin combined with the natural cues from your body’s intelligence, it changes your entire life, not just your skincare routine. 

This holistic skincare course is the only of its kind because….

I’ve researched, refined and alchemized over 10 years of real client experiences blended with results driven skincare into The Beauty Collective to teach women anywhere in the world how to heal, nourish, and support their skin from the inside out through the most tried and true results driven practices, products and ultimately our way of being. 

The Beauty Collective was created based on years of treating all types of skin through this mind-body-skin approach and now I’m here to help you embody the same for your skin. 

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style

Follow a proven roadmap

This is for you if:

You align with a conscious and holistic approach to radiant beauty skincare and wellness. 

You want to dive deeper into how gua sha, lymphatic drainage, facial massage, and/or Ayurveda integrate together. 

You’re ready to reevaluate the products & practices you’re currently using and replace them with in a way that serves you better

It's probably not for you if...

You’re looking for quick “results” rather than long-term transformation

You aren’t open to explore gua sha, lymphatic drainage, facial massage, and/or Ayurvedic approach to lifestyle wellness and skin

You aren’t willing to remove products & practices that may hinder skin health

"As I have moved through my thirties into my forties, my skincare revisions have changed, as they do seasonally too."

Jen has advised, designed plans and cared for my skin for almost a decade. Jen is educated, incredibly intuitive and a gifted healer with a well rounded wellness and holistic approach to skincare. As I have moved through my thirties into my forties, my skincare revisions have changed, as they do seasonally too. Jen is an amazing educator to assist through this process.


select the plan that works for you:

Lifetime Access to 45+ Private Video Lessons created exclusively for Minimal Beauty Collective students 

6 Months of Monthly Check-In Community Calls to submit all your questions and dive deep into your skin and wellbeing questions on a LIVE call together

Resource lists and summaries inside modules for best skincare products, supplements, ayurvedic supplies and more. 

Save $97 when you Pay In Full 

1 payment of $597

Payment Plan

Pay in Full

2 Payments of $347

LIfetime Access to 45+ private video lessons created exclusively for Minimal Beauty Collective students 

6 Months of Monthly Check-In Community Calls to submit all your questions and dive deep into your skin and wellbeing questions on a LIVE call together

Resource lists and summaries inside modules for best skincare products, supplements, Ayurvedic supplies and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a course or a membership?

Unlike a full self-study course, this is a hybrid holistic online skincare course that includes both self-paced study curriculum along with expert support. You’ll have access to all content to study at your own pace, plus our monthly check-in community call to receive 1:1 support LIVE in a group setting, where you can ask all your questions and receive direct support for your skin. 

Will I learn facial massage? 

Yes, you will learn facial massage techniques. You will also learn about other skin rituals such as gua sha, lymphatic drainage, facial cupping, and more. These rituals are meant to layer on top of an already existing skin fundamentals regimen (which you will learn about too!)

How long do I have access to the course content? 

You’ll have lifetime access to curriculum and after 6 months, you can choose to continue your LIVE enrollment access to continue your LIVE Monthly check-In calls at our alumni membership cost of $19 a month to continue receiving high-touch support for your skin and wellbeing. 

Can I still enroll if I'm an esthetician? 

Absolutely! When we learn for ourselves, we learn for others. However, if you’re looking for guidance on how to implement holistic practices specifically in your treatment room, I recommend my professional face massage training’s for estheticians as well.

Will you recommend the best products for my skin? 

Of course! You’ll receive product curation & critique recommendations where I offer direct feedback on current products and suggest alternatives if necessary. But don’t forget, what you put into your body matters just as much as what you put on your skin. 

What if I can’t make it to the live calls? 

If you have work or personal conflicts, we understand that making every session isn’t possible for everyone. You can submit your questions ahead of time, they’ll be answered on the call. All calls are recorded and available to watch as a replay inside the community. 

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of digital products and immediate access to content, all sales are final. If you opted for a payment plan, you’ll still be responsible for remaining payments. If you’re on the fence, email me so we can discuss your questions and help decide if this program is right for you. 

Let's do this!

Still on the fence? I completely understand!

Every dollar invested in yourself is an important one and if you’ve at all struggled with your skin, it can turn costly quickly. Happy to answer all your questions and put your mind at ease. Let’s connect.