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Today I’m sharing my oil cleansing method with one of my favorite products of all time, Josh Rosebrook’s Herbal Infusion Oil. This is a multi-use product that can be used to remove make-up, oil cleanse the skin and also used as a facial oil. It is a deeply balancing formulation for all skin types and I used it abundantly in many of my facials when working with clients. 

A nourishing cleansing routine keeps skin’s natural oil balance intact and is a vital component of bright and healthy skin. Over cleansing and abrasive face washes disrupt the skin’s natural oil balance. This often then becomes a root cause of skin inflammation, causing a host of skin conditions. If you want to learn more about why the cleansing process is the most important component of a healthy skincare routine, learn about your skin barrier here.

How to Oil Cleanse

  • Splash a bit of warm water on the skin before you begin and apply a generous amount of oil to the complexion. Don’t forget the chest and neck. This area is essential to open and clear for the drainage of lymph and overall detoxification of the complexion. My pressure throughout the cleansing process is medium firm.
  • Open and clear the chest and neck. You can use tapotement from the chest and work up the face. Get energy and fluid moving.
  • Use movements from center of face outwards, following the direction of lymphatic pathways.
  • Work the tissue around the parotid fascia in front of the ear. Especially if you clench or grind teeth your while sleeping, the tissue in this area can become tight and constricted, causing fluid build up.
  • Drain area gently around sinuses, nose and eyes. Tend to the forehead area and work back down the face, supporting the pathways of lymphatic drainage.
  • Dampen a soft cloth with warm water and compress the cloth onto skin. Let the warmth hug the skin tissue and gently wipe oil off from the center of the face outwards. Be sure to remove all oil, especially if this is your evening routine that includes removing make-up and SPF.
  • If you have acne or skin inflammations, keep all movements extremely light in order to focus on moving the lymph while you cleanse.
How to Oil Cleanse

When Should I Oil Cleanse?

Oil cleansing can be used for morning cleansing to awaken the skin, as well as evening rituals to remove makeup, dirt impurities and prevent clogged pores.

The body detoxes through the skin while we sleep. Since we are sedentary while we sleep, it is supportive to activate the skin tissue in the morning through simple facial massage movements and this concept pairs perfectly with the oil cleansing method. This awakens the complexion, clears stagnation and drains fluid and puffiness that often makes an appearance in the morning.

If you feel like oil cleansing in the evening is not enough then you can opt for the double cleansing method.

Pro-Tip: Reminder that morning skincare routines are for gently waking up the skin and to prepare and protect the complexion from daily environmental elements and the sun’s UV rays. Save the active cleansers, exfoliators and scrubs for the evening. The skin benefits most in the morning from movement and a nourishing skincare routine to protect skin from daily environmental elements.

What is the Double Cleansing Method?

The double cleansing method is a great choice for evening cleansing routines. Begin with a thorough oil cleanse with a warm cloth removal as recommended above and follow with a second cleanser of choice. My number one cleansing rule is never use face washes that leave your skin tight, dry or squeaky clean.

If you are practicing double cleansing, follow with a gentle cream cleanser of choice such as Ranavat Cream Cleanser, Grown Alchemist Restore Cream Cleanser, and Osea Ocean Cleansing Milk.

What Skin Types Benefit from the Oil Cleansing Method?

All complexions and skin types from sensitive skin to oily skin will benefit from oil cleansing. The most important steps of oil cleansing no matter what your skin type are:

1. Be sure you are using a high quality oil cleanser that has been formulated with a balanced omega ratio and intentional botanical blend.

2. Removing oil with a warm cloth. This is essential to the process no matter what oil you are using and is essential for the oil cleansing method to be fully effective. Only Rinsing the skin with water does not remove oil.

3. If you are opting for pure, single oils to oil cleanse with, do not add essential oils. I’ve seen so many clients do this only to be left with irritated and aggravated skin. Incorrect ratios and dilutions of essential oils will cause a host of skin irritations and are not correct for any skin types.

What Oil Cleanser Should I Use?

With the popularity of oils, it is important to seek out companies that have high quality practices within their formulations, processing and sources of ingredients.

If you’re on a budget or seeking a single oil, opt for jojoba, grape seed or plum oils. If you have reactive skin, start with jojoba oil. The molecular structure of jojoba oil is similar to the structure of the sebum/oil our skin naturally produces. This makes it my top recommendation if you are looking for a single oil to use. Please do not use coconut oil, castor oil or olive oil, as they can tend to clog pores.

Some of my personal favorites include:

Pure Marula Cleansing Oil

African Botanicals Marula Cleansing Oil

Pure + E.O. Free Oil Cleanser

Marie Veronique Essential Oil Free Oil Cleanser

The Great Cleanse Cleansing Oil

Maya Chia The Great Cleansing Oil

Benefits of Oil Cleansing

Oil cleansing is a gentle way cleanse the skin and nourish the skin simultaneously. Oil cleansing is powerful enough to break down and remove make-up, dirt, debris, oil and prevent pores from becoming clogged without disrupting the skin’s natural barrier or acid mantle.

Our skin barrier or acid mantle is the number one external component of healthy skin and assists the skin in balancing its own natural oil production. Oil cleansing continuously assists skin to adjust to a normal state of balance and restores the skin barrier from inflammation.

Having a cleansing process that both cleanses the skin and nourishes and supports this skin barrier is essential for a bright and healthy complexion.

What if I Have Acne?

A common question from clients who have oily or acne prone skin. Acne is trickier when sharing universal tips because each case is so different. However, one of the most common connections I would see between acne clients is that drying or stripping cleansers are being used. This is due to the myth that drying the skin out and over exfoliating to remove dead skin cells is needed.

If you have oily skin or are experiencing acne, opt for oils and oil formulations that consist of more linoleic acids based oil ratios. These are oils that are lighter in texture and will not clog pores or feel heavy on the skin. Oils are magnificent but certain ratios of omegas, most commonly oleic acid, can cause additional inflammation in the skin. As mentioned above, opt for organic jojoba oils, grapeseed oil, rosehip and plum oils to name a few. As with everything, source, quality and processing of the oils matters.

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