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What is Slow Beauty?

Slow Beauty is not just about the products we use but is rooted in how we choose to respond to life, how we facilitate our days, what we let ourselves get carried away with, and the energy and intention infused throughout each moment. Slow Beauty is a cultivation of energetic practices, spiritual hygiene, and how we choose to nourish ourselves through diet, movement, and of course, intentionally created skincare products.

How can we enjoy and savor life if we are running through our lives so quickly, so easily diverted, on to the next thing, next purchase, next product? This is not to say we cannot have full lives but more rooted in the mindset of embracing intention in all that we purchase, our habits, our relationships, and throughout life.

In Ayurveda, we love intention, routine, and ritual to keep us grounded throughout the mind and body. It is also said in Ayurveda that we live in a very vata-genic world. Vata is the element of space and air and in balance, Vata reflects creativity, flow, and movement.

However, excess Vata is indeed the opposite of Slow Beauty. On a macro level, this is reflected in aspects of the ungroundedness and chaos of the world. On a micro level, excess vata in our day-to-day lives can look like an inability to quiet the mind and meditate or connect with oneself, restlessness, easily distracted, not taking the time for routine, excess consumerism, dry skin and hair (too much air) and insomnia that wakes you in the middle of the night, unable to fall back asleep. 

Slow Beauty Prescription

Slow Beauty is not just a movement; it’s a conscious choice to reclaim our beauty rituals from the fast-paced world of quick fixes and instant results. In this hectic beauty industry, it’s important to find a beauty brand that aligns with your values. Look for vegan and cruelty-free options. Like a facial oil infused with nourishing plant-based ingredients or balms formulated with shea butter.

By opting for slow fashion and slow beauty, choosing quality products over quantity, we can reduce the staggering statistic of 120 billion units of beauty products wasted each year. Embrace a slow beauty routine that focuses on self-care and personal connection. And using small-batch, plant-based care products that honor your body and the environment. This holistic approach to beauty allows us to nurture our skin while fostering a deeper appreciation for our natural beauty.

Create Ritual

Incorporating the slow beauty movement into your daily rituals is a powerful way to prioritize personal care amidst the chaos of fast beauty trends. Take a moment each day to embrace self-care practices that align with your individual needs. Whether it’s a soothing skincare routine, a mindful breathing exercise, or savoring a nourishing cup of herbal tea.

By honoring these rituals, you can cultivate a sense of calm and connection, fostering a deeper relationship with yourself and reclaiming your autonomy in a world that often encourages conformity.

Limit Stimuli

Turn off the news and limit external stimulation. There is a difference between being aware and being consumed. With the latter being deeply disruptive to our health, minds, and well-being. This is a core aspect of a Slow Beauty-infused life.

At this point in my life, when people start ruminating in doom and gloom or fear-inducing predictions of the future, often created out of their own fears, I will exit the conversation. I choose what I allow to seed into my mind and when. This is also why I spend a lot less time on social media. Not to mention the elevated effects on my creativity and focus are profound.

As we start to monitor and have more boundaries around what we allow into our headspace, we naturally start to distance ourselves from the external noise of the world. This allows our minds and souls to decompress, creating the space to organically expand into our innate curiosities and creativity.

Get Intentional

Take the time to get intentional about your skincare products. Know your products and your purchases. During client consultations, I’d ask why a client was using a certain product and they did not always know. Don’t just purchase to purchase. This can often lead to a host of skin problems and wasted products. Embrace your skin and connect to the why of your products.

Self Massage

Abhyanga massage is also referred to as Sneha or self-love. Not only does this self-practice of full body massage hydrate and nourish the skin, but oil grounds us and prevents us from picking up other people’s energy. Traditional Abhyanga is applying oil to the body before we get into the shower, which deeply moisturizes the skin too. I practice both ways. Sometimes I oil before the shower, sometimes after, depending on my schedule and workouts. I’ve built my full Abhyanga method into my Body Rituals Module inside The Beauty Collective because I am such an advocate for this practice.

Slow Beauty isn’t complicated, it is actually quite the opposite. When we are connected to intention, we then become fully embodied behind our actions and things flow with more ease. To stay rooted and heart-centered is indeed a gift in itself. And it’s at the core of a Slow Beauty-infused lifestyle. We dive deep into Ayurveda and Slow Beauty inside The Beauty Collective, as there is no doubt in my mind that Ayurveda and a grounded approach to life are needed now more than ever.

If you didn’t know, The Beauty Collective is my all-inclusive skincare program that teaches skincare from the inside out. When you become a member, you’ll learn authentic and results-driven practices. As well as a sustainable and graceful approach to aging using minimal products.

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