What is Psychodermatology?


Psychodermatology is the study and treatment of the mind and skin connection. Our emotions are written all over our faces and skin yet many underestimate this correlation. One of my favorite books is “The Body Speaks the Mind” by Deb Shapiro. I highly recommend if this subject further peaks your interest. 


Emotions are energy in motion and are pre-cursers to hormones. Oil production in skin, reactivity of the skin, how we disperse weight, energy levels, eating habits, cravings and much more are effected by emotions and hormones. From breakouts, to flare ups of excemza and psoriasis, many common skin conditions are influenced by emotional states. 

Stress and emotional health deeply effect wellbeing but they can be overlooked because they are not tangible like food and products are. Emotions especially related to chronic stress and unaddressed trauma will alter homeostasis and will influence a permanent low grade inflammation throughout the body.

One may have a clean diet and use the best products but wellbeing becomes depleted if emotional health is continually bypassed. This results in a decline of skin integrity, inflammatory skin flares, chronic illness, pain and dis-ease.

The skin is a reflection of our nervous systems

It is vital to make conscious decisions around our food and product choices. However, we must also nourish our emotional health, examine our stress levels and care for our nervous systems through meditation and conscious mindset practices.  As we continue to learn more about the mind and skin connection through Psychodermatology, we can see that emotional health does indeed reflect and manifest through our skin.

With Love, Jen xx

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