Salt Cleansing Rituals to Clear Energy

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We’ve all heard of the good old epsom salt bath. They help soothe sore and tired muscles but today let’s diving into the energetic qualities of salt. Salt is so beneficial in cleansing our energy. This is especially helpful for my empaths, lightworkers and highly sensitive individuals. As any of the above, we can pick up alot of other peoples energetic stuff and it can be difficult to shake whether we like it or not. Today I’m sharing how we can use salt cleansing to clear energy so let’s get into it.

Purifying with Salt

Salt helps to relieve this tension from the body and from an energetic stand point, salt cuts psychic connections and cleanses the aura. This can help clear the mind and body from feelings and energy we may have picked up from others.

Salt baths can be used to cut the energetic connection of a hectic day, a past situation, relationship or minor trauma. Especially for my empaths and highly sensitive individuals, It is vital to cleanse our minds, energy and aura in order to fully restore and recharge.

Water and salt both cleanse energetic bonds so try bathing at night and heading straight to sleep. Use visualizations of cutting cords to keep your energy and mind clear if you start wandering. Journaling any thoughts out will help too, whatever you have to do to get them off and out of your mind.

Salt is a naturally occurring and high vibration mineral

With or without water, salt will always purify and draw energies out. In the Japanese Shinto tradition, salt is used in many space purification rituals. Salt is placed at the 4 corners of a new plot to purify the land, at the outside entrance of a home to purify anyone who enters and around land to prevent impurities from entering the home. Salt is also used outside businesses to attract prosperity and clients. These style traditions can be modified and used to fit into our modern lifestyles of today and are especially useful for us city dwellers exposed to many different energies daily.

Epsom and sea salt both contain an abundant amount of minerals. Epsom salt specifically contains a high amount of magnesium sulfate, excellent for tired muscles, aches and pains. Magnesium sulfate flushes out those heavy feeling muscle toxins, relaxing muscle tissue and creating space to relieve tension. Epsom salt, sea salt and Himalayan salts are all excellent choices for energetic cleansing. A combination of epsom salt and sea salt is what I gravitate towards. Do avoid table salt, as it has been processed, lessening the natural mineral content.

Salt Cleansing to Clear Energy

  • Fill tub with warm/hot water, add in 1-3 cups epsom salt, desired essential oils and a splash of body oil to keep skin hydrated and soft. Set your intention or say a prayer over the water as you add in your salts and oils. Light some candles and create your personal ambiance.
  • Drink a large glass of water before bathing and keep another glass of water next to tub while cleansing, you may get thirsty.
  • Enjoy your soak, rest, meditate and clear your mind. Try try to soak for at least 20-30 minutes. Feel free to add in some breathing exercises and music too.
  • When you are complete, start draining water while you are still in the tub, feeling and visualizing whatever energies you are cleansing and separating from going straight down the drain.
  • Rinse any residual salt off with cool water.
  • When you get out of the tub, try to air dry as much as possible.
  • Drink another glass of water and head to bed. You will most likely feel ready for bed and heading right to sleep helps prevent any energetic bonds you’ve separated from, from becoming strengthened by overthinking, waking and wandering minds.
  • If still ruminating, journal it out.

Salt Cleansing to Clear Energy of Spaces

  • Take a day to clear clutter and deep cleanse your space. Open the windows, cabinets and closet doors to circulate fresh air and energy throughout.
  • Burn some sage and sprinkle salt throughout the home, letting the salt sit and soak up energies for a bit
  • After cleansing is complete and salt is swept up, place a bowl of salt in the heart of your home and the entrance of your home. Consider the heart the most used and happy place of the home.
  • In 3 days, empty these salt bowls outside somewhere on the grass, woods or beach, returning the salt home to earth where it came from.
  • To maintain the cleansing and protective properties of salt in your home, keep a salt bowl at your entrance, heart of the home and anywhere you feel drawn to place one. Replace salt weekly. This entire ritual can be practiced to purify your office or workspace too.

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