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Wellness Travel Portugal
Colares, Portugal

Welcome to my wellness and travel week in Colares, Portugal. 1 month ago, I didn’t even know that Colares existed. I planned and booked this trip pretty quick and with an intuitive energy that I couldn’t ignore.

I had been sensing I was in need of a trip but with all the complications still going on around international traveling and requirements, I wanted to go somewhere easy breezy, direct from Miami and also somewhere new that I had never been. Thank you Portugal, you fit my manifestation just right so here I am and there is no denying this is absolutely the experience I was seeking.

boca de inferno wellness travel
Boca De Inferno, Caiscais

What is most inspiring about this trip for me is that I’m in a new, more authentic energy than I’ve ever been in my entire life. The past 5 months have proved to be truly an undoing of a life I had created through various layers of approval seeking and people pleasing aspects that were so auto pilot of me that it wasn’t until I seriously stripped down my entire life that I could even come to this self realization. However, once I did, it has proved to be the most profound era of my life. 

wellness travel earthing
Earthing in Caiscais

Which bring me to wellness and travel and why I don’t believe in letting our routines, rituals and practices fall to the wayside while traveling or on vacation. I am always striving for alignment and balance, especially when traveling and exploring, as I want to be living every moment to the fullest. The last thing I want is the sluggish feeling of over indulgence, a hangover or feeling entirely out of balance and taking twice as long to get back onto my schedule and routine when I do return home. So, how is this possible? Let me share my ways with you below…

Colares, Portugal

Morning routine.
Up at my normal time, coffee, journal and meditation. Even if just for a few minutes, always taking the time to connect with myself no matter where I am. Regardless if I am working, exploring or enjoying a day of nothing, this sacred time, no matter how short or long, sets the tone for my day.

Keeping active always.
I am so content walking for hours, it’s quite meditative for me and with the hilly areas I’m in and cliffs I’ve been climbing, it’s been easy to stay on my fitness game. Not my typical gym and pilates workout but my legs are feeling it so I’ll take that as a win. Movement is always vital and walking everywhere is such a great way to explore and find things off the beaten path too.

My most enlightened decision this trip, no alcohol.
It is safe to say that alcohol does not serve my mind, body or spirit. Anyone who also has predominate Pitta dosha may have similar experiences with alcohol. We are very sensitive to inflammation and I personally can easily feel hungover and extra tired for days after just a glass or 2 of wine. Wasting time feeling off while traveling is the last thing I’m interested in so I made this decision and promise to myself. It all sounds dramatic, as I barely drink as is, but last month I had an hit from my higher self that alcohol, regardless of how little I consume, is a no at this time in my life and once higher self sends a ping, it’s not something I ignore. If you are not sensitive to alcohol, wonderful. If you are sensitive to alcohol, don’t pressure yourself into thinking you must consume alcohol just because you’re traveling or on vacation.

Staying on my skincare game.
It’s actually been quite chilly in Colares the past few days! Thankfully I always bring my face balms with me when I travel since everywhere is dry compared to the climate of a very humid Miami. Our skin gets very used to our natural environments and my skin is so used to humidity that its parches up quick in normal to dry climates. Check the climate where you will be and if you over pack anything, let it be your skincare products. If you missed last weeks blog, be sure to check it out to learn How to Prep your skin for Flights and Travel. you’ll be on your skincare game before you’re even on your way!

Diet and nourishment.
I always stay in places that have a full kitchen for cooking and I am also keeping on my no gluten practice. It’s very easy to let our diet habits fall to the wayside while traveling and we eventually have to start over. Those days are over for me. I know what my body likes, what it doesn’t like and for me personally, feeling sluggish and foggy from gluten is not worth it. We will all have different indulgences and moderations that we can feel balanced around. I think it’s important to give ourselves grace in this area but to also know our limits. Having a great time and mindful indulging for special occasions, totally and absolutely yes. Aggravating my body to the effects such as a hangover, brain fog and prolonged sluggishness, that I will not partake in. There is a difference and knowing this balance for ourselves is a must in nourishing our mind, body and spirit.

Between the constant movement of the ocean and earth elements of the massive cliffs and rocks, Colares has such a grounding and cleansing energy. My feet have been planted in the sand, walking all over cliffs and grounding throughout the all elements here. Coming from a fast paced metropolitan city, I am fully decompressing and my sense of self feels like it is able to even further integrate all of the energetic work I’ve been doing the past 5 months. Especially if you live in a metropolitan city, earthing is a vital practice to balance the nervous system. If you are not familiar with the profound benefits of grounding and earthing, check out this fascinating study.

grounding on the earth wellness
Grounding at Boca De Inferno

I may not be at a fancy spa or retreat but that does not mean I cannot create my own wellness and travel experience. After all, wellness comes from within. My wellness and practices are always with me and I don’t abandon them or my lifestyle ever. I am who I am no matter where I am and I am always one with my practices and lifestyle.

With Love,
Jen xx



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