Best Oils and Balms for Face Massage

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Best Facial Oils for Face Massage
The best facial oils and balms for lifting face massage

If you are wondering about the best oils and balms to use for face massage, then you’ve come to the right place. I received questions on this face massage tutorial about what I use on my skin for face massage so I created this little guide for you. We explore not only which balms and oils are best for face massage but also why certain textures and products will work better than others for different styles of massage and exactly what to look for when choosing face oils and balms for face massage so lets get into it.

After massaging my own face plenty, as well as hundreds of other complexions, it is important to remember there are various styles of face massage, which call for different product needs when it comes to choosing the most effective products for face massage. The right texture and the right slip on the skin are vital when it comes to effective and results driven face massage.

Different Face Massage Methods

You may be utilizing massage to work deep tension from the face or on the opposite end of the spectrum, maybe you are focused more on lymphatic drainage. For example, with lymphatic drainage massage, there is usually little to no oil used on the skin. Lymphatic massage is a wonderful modality and the techniques work through subtle push, pull and sweeping movements. These techniques are impossible to perform correctly if the hands are sliding and gliding on the skin.

With more traditional style face massage, we perform more gliding style techniques on the face so a texture with more slip is called for. However, for some massage to be effective and especially with the style massage that I am particular to, often medium to therapeutic pressures, I want to be able to firmly grasp skin tissue in areas of tension both on myself and when working with clients. If I’m sliding and gliding around with too much slip, it becomes difficult to firmly grasp skin tissue.

Face Balms vs Face Oils

With all of that being said, I’ll go ahead and say I love facial balms for face massage for all of the reasons I just explained above. I find that face balms offer the perfect glide for face massage without becoming too slippery or oily. This is not to say oils cannot be used, they totally can, more on that below and they actually layer quite well with balms too. This is also an effective layering technique if you have an oil or serum with targeted ingredients. Layer on the serum or oil in normal amount and then apply your balm to deeply work targeted ingredients into the skin.

Balms not only yield the perfect glide for skin but a little goes along way. Balms are usually of a naturally rich consistency so the glide lasts during face massage. This is very effective if you are a professional and are performing extended face massage in your treatment room as well. With oils, some are formulated, especially day oils, to quickly absorb into the skin so ideally, this is not a type of oil you want to use for full face massage. If you are opting for oils only, opt for ones that are not highlighted to quickly absorb. I mean they will still get the job done but you’ll be using more product.

Balms are often jam packed with deeply nourishing ingredients, butters and botanicals. They create a plumpness and suppleness to the skin and are especially super skin softening to dry textures. I also love balms for around the eye area. As mentioned, you can layer an oil and balm for face massage too. Always apply your oil first and then follow with the balm.

Best Oils and Balms for Face Massage

  • CBD is not an ingredient I’ve ever fully connected with but this Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum actually changed my mind! It is known for it’s brightening skin effects, has been third party tested and it yields such a smooth and decadent glide upon application. It is not a particular oil formulated for face massage but the combination of results driven ingredients and seriously one of the silkiest, smoothest oil applications I’ve experienced, it makes for a fantastic product that you absolutely want to work deeply work into the skin. For extended massage, I would apply oil first and then a dollop of a complimenting balm to to extend my massage.
  • I used this stunning Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Mask for years in my treatment room. The aroma is delightful and a little goes a long way. This balm-mask locks in hydration, moisture and is deeply nourishing to the skin barrier. Because this is a mutli-use mask formulation, I do recommend to remove any excess after massage is complete.

  • Of all the Laurel Balms, I love this one the most! Formulated with all organic ingredients including rosehip, sea buckthorn and white rose, a little goes along way in inducing skin softness and suppleness through the deep moisturizing and rejuvenating properties this nutrient packed and water free balm delivers into the skin.
  • Rave reviews on Kari Gran’s Essential Serum and Essential Serum Balm all over the internet! Each potently packed balm with sea buckthorn to brighten complexions and an entirely certified organic list of botanicals, you can’t go wrong. They even mention that a little goes a long way with their essential balm, which is ideal for full and extended face massage. And of course, who doesn’t love a nourishing lip balm that offers a soft tint of color.
  • Marie Veronique does not offer any balms but I’ve worked with them for over 4 years in my treatment room and let me tell you, they do oils and serums right! I have used there reparative and rejuvenating night oil many times for face massage on myself and my clients. Safe to say it is one of my top 3 face oils and a little goes a long way.

  • I was introduced to Juice Beauty over 10 years ago, which means they are not new to the skin game. However, I freaking love a multi-use balm mask product and this one they have is new to me! Their line overall yields a high amount of organic ingredients with targeted and active ingredients. There is a reason I remember being introduced to them over a decade ago!

  • African Botanicals is among a higher end luxury and botanically based line and with good reason! They are made in South Africa and offer some very unique formulations. I love that their balm is formulated with retinol, yes please! Their ingredients are sourced with high integrity for their products, South African culture, land and they adhere to the highest EU manufacturing standards. The brand has an overall stellar philosophy and is creating some serious results driven skincare.

There you have it! I hope this has helped anyone reading to gain some clarity and enjoy a few tips from my treatment room in setting the tone for what to seek out in the best face balm and face oils for face massage. My work here on the blog is a taste of what we dive deep into throughout Radiant Beauty Collective so if you like my blog, wait till you see what is inside!

With Love,
Jen xx



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