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I’m JEN,

I know it can be challenging to find an appreciation for your natural uniqueness – I’ve been there too. As the founder of Minimal Beauty, I’m inspired by the power of holistic remedies that nourish skin from the inside out. My zone of genius is in assisting women in getting grounded into their skincare and selfcare rituals, making time for themsleves to deeply connect with their skin, innate radiance and overall break free from the societal conditioning around beauty. 

Over the last decade, I’ve explored, cultivated and discovered the benefits of holistic skincare. Through a pure and uncomplicated beauty philosophy, I’ve helped thousands of people to feel better and brighter in their skin. Our bodies are more intelligent than we think and I’m here to help you reconnect with yours for a more radiant life. Now I’ve created Radiant Beauty Collective to share with you how to expand your selfcare from the inside out through mind-body and skin practices. 


Jen has advised, designed plans and cared for my skin for almost a decade. Jen is educated, incredibly intuitive and a gifted healer with a well rounded wellness and holistic approach to skincare.

As I have moved through my thirties into my forties, my skincare revisions have changed, as they do seasonally too. Jen is an amazing consultant to assist through this process. 

- Natalie

Elevate your Skincare Practice

Professional Training

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Fundamentals of Gua Sha

daily selfcare ritual

I will practice with you while we walk through the entire Gua Sha ritual together.

A tailored and holistic approach

Integrated Skincare

 A place where science, nature and energetics all meet to nourish skin from the inside and out.

Ayurvedic Beauty & Lifestyle

from the


A cool, calm and collected approach to holistic beauty, ayurveda, and lifestyle.


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