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Minimal Beauty is a holistic skincare and wellbeing brand rooted in a clean, integrative and uncomplicated approach to beauty. 

Minimal Beauty is the place for women of all ages and cycles in life to learn how to nourish and care for their skin through a mind-body approach that yields lifelong healthy skin and a glowing complexion. 

Founder & Visionary 

Hello, I’m Jen Stoeckert

Holistic Facialist and Inner Mouth Buccal Face Massage Trainer

My background is well over a decade-long fusion of aesthetics, massage therapy, Ayurveda, wellness, and shining a light on the innately brilliant, often puzzling organ we call the skin. 

After treating 100s of different complexions as an esthetician, I’ve refined and now translate what I’ve learned, along with results-driven practices cued from science and nature, into education to teach women of all ages and cycles of life an integrative, timeless and effective approach to understanding and nourishing their skin for a lifetime. 

Core Values 

Quality Over Quantity 

Less Is More

Liberation from societal norms around beauty 

signature integrative skincare offering

The Beauty Collective

For the Conscious Woman and Her Skin

An all encompassing skin and lifestyle wellbeing course that teaches you how to nourish and connect with your skin through a mind-body-skin approach — included but not limited to curated and clean product routines, face massage & movement rituals, Ayurvedic beauty practices, a skin brightening diet, nervous system regulation and more. 


2 Part Holistic Skin Guide 

A cool, calm, collected approach to glowing skin, no complicated routines required.
Get back to the basics and download your 2-part Holistic Skin Guide for the foundational practices on brighter, healthier, and more radiant skin from the inside out.

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Get healthy and bright skin without complicated product routines, diet obsession, synthetic solutions or information overload.

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