Gua Sha Courses


Welcome to the Fundamentals of Gua Sha. I’ve created this course just for you. I’m happy you are here!

Are you seeking an effective Gua Sha practice you can fuse right into your daily selfcare rituals?

Are you piecing together your Gua Sha routine and not quite sure if you’ve got it right?

Would you like to see a complete, detailed Gua Sha ritual from start to finish?

If you answered YES, you are in the right place…. 

Here is what you will learn…..

Phase 1

The Basics

What is Gua Sha? How to Prep the skin. Contraindications, pressure levels and all the basics to set you up for an invigorating and effective ritual.

Phase 2

The Full Ritual

I will practice with you while we walk through the entire Gua Sha ritual together, including a breakdown of the how and why for each movement we perform. 

Phase 3

In Closing

The full ritual in express mode so you can follow right along without explanations, as well as a few favorite specialty movements to target certain concerns.

Did you know?

Gua Sha supports the skin’s connective tissue, lymphatic, vascular, and musculoskeletal system.

Gua Sha addresses facial tension and unwinds tissue adhesions, clearing blockages and flushing stagnant waste that hides in joints and tissue tension.

Gua Sha creates space for healthy nutrient exchange through blood flow and circulation, simultaneously boosting the skin’s own natural intelligence and healing.

Gua Sha increases vitality and instinctively revives and rejuvenates the complexion.