Round Up. My Favorite Clean Make-Up

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People often times believe that healthy skin can be achieved solely by utilizing clean and non toxic skin care products. While this is not utterly wrong, it is also not a whole truth just by itself. Clean skin care products are a must but utilizing equally clean make up products is just as imperative. Our skin is our largest organ and will absorb harmful chemicals from toxic make up just as much as it will wreak havoc on our skin when we apply toxic skin care products. They’re one in the same as both are absorbed by our skin and there can be terribly harmful chemicals that reside in both products if you shop without first doing proper research.

With that being said, no need to worry! We’ve got you covered. Below are our 6 favorite clean make up items from brands we trust.

i. rms beauty’s “un-cover up” concealer is a perfect light weight under-eye and over all face concealer/foundation.

ii. ere perez’s oat milk foundation is a buildable foundation that provides medium to full coverage. We love the fact that the star ingredients in this formula are oats (which provide anti-oxidant and anti-inflamatory properties!) and vitamin E which promotes healthy skin.

iii. vapor beauty’s moonlight champagne gold highlight stick is a multi functional highlighter stick that can be used on cheeks, brow bones, cupid’s bow of lips and décolletage in order to subtly highlight and enhance your beauty.

iv. kjaer weis’s lengthening mascara is an organic mascara with a specially designed wand to ward off clumpy looking eyelashes.

v. ere perez jojoba eye pencils are available in 10 different colors and will help you define your eyes naturally. The eyes are extremely sensitive so this eyeliner is a perfect and clean alternative to your average liner.

vi. kjaer weis’s lip tint is rich in sunflower seed oil and shea butter which are both extremely moisturizing so not only will you get a nice pigment on your lips but you’ll also not have to worry about your lips becoming dry after application.

vii. kjaer weis’s lip gloss semi-sheer shine and non-sticky everyday gloss on the go.

viii. kari gran lip whip super simple and clean list of of ingredients create this perfect lip whip, available in multiple shades and flavors. A hero product in the clean beauty world.

ix. ilia multi-stick a multi-use lip and cheek stick available in 8 shades to keep your routine simple and hassle free.

Oil cleansing is a beneficial choice for both AM and PM cleansing rituals. I’ve added a focus on lymphatic movement and awakening the skin tissue in general. 2 things: The body detoxes through the skin while we sleep but since we are obviously stationary while we sleep, it is vital to make movement of the tissue and complexion in the morning a priority to help along the body in the detoxification process and disperse stagnation/puffiness/etc.


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